Oasis : Spring Season’s Teal Hue

Happy Hump Day Sweetheart 😍

It’s already mid of the week and start of March. I don’t know how time is passing by but I am really happy with what I had planned for this year and how it is going on 🤗. Few things which I should take care of is my health which is not going fine from last few days and my gym schedule. It is not a valid excuse but yeah, cause of this stupid sick week and few other priorities, I have been skipping lot many days. Good thing, when you realize something , you can work on it to make it better.

Hoping for better March Month 😎

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Vivacious Wish

Now that Spring is around the corner, I was looking for Spring Season 2017 Color Forecast . Few favorites for coming season are Orchid, Dark Salmon, Olive and the best of all Oasis. This Teal Hue looks so pretty and warm. I have paired mine Faux Leather Mini Skirt from Zara in this sexy Teal color with H&M Black Full Sleeve Top. The details at the waist of the skirt are so damn pretty. It was so much fun to do this shoot while we were on our sweet lil trip to Savannah🌲✈️.

Details of the trip coming soon on the blog.

Till Then, Stay Healthy.

Stay Vivacious💋

Deets :

Skirt : Zara 

Top : H&M


Footwear : Steve Madden

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia | 2nd Mar 17

    Oh you look so cute and beautiful in your outfit. And but the way, I love barefoot on the sand. It’s just the greatest feel for Summer! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • Vaishali | 2nd Mar 17

      Thanks Mia.
      I know the tingling feel of sand on your feet in summers.. Such a happy feeling.❣️
      Glad you liked the look.

  2. Lana_SHON | 3rd Mar 17

    You lokk really great!

    • Vaishali | 4th Mar 17

      Thanks a tonne ❤️

  3. Jeanne | 3rd Mar 17

    Would totally wear those sandals!


    • Vaishali | 3rd Mar 17

      They are so comfortable and classy.

  4. Andrea Jueong | 3rd Mar 17

    Cute pictures! Love your necklace and sandals!

    • Vaishali | 3rd Mar 17

      This necklace is something I can wear any day , any time. Love it.
      Thanks for loving it.

  5. Caitlin | 3rd Mar 17

    such a fun skirt! You could wear it in spring and fall too!

    • Vaishali | 3rd Mar 17

      Agree Caitlin. Spring and Fall comfort.
      Thanks chic.

  6. Cielo | 4th Mar 17

    You look so cute! Love your sandals! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    • Vaishali | 4th Mar 17

      Thanks Cielo. These are one of my fav sandals. Classy yet comfy.

  7. Yvonne | 5th Mar 17

    Hope you are feeling better! Love the skirt…it looks so cute on you!
    xo Yvonne

    • Vaishali | 5th Mar 17

      I am far fine now Yvonne. Thanks for checking.
      Glad you loved the skirt.

  8. josephine | 6th Mar 17

    So cute! Love the skirt! xoxo

    • Vaishali | 6th Mar 17

      Glad you loved it. Its one of my fav from this season.

  9. Trecee | 6th Mar 17

    Love this outfit! Although you used darker colors, the flowiness of the top still screams Spring!



    • Vaishali | 6th Mar 17

      I know the top was just the matching for that faux leather skirt. Color could have been springy like the skirt.
      Will soon come with more spring tones. 🙂

  10. Chloe | 7th Mar 17

    This outfit is super cute, LOVE the teal leather skirt! Such a statement piece! It looks amazing to be at the beach right now! Can’t wait for the warm weather to come already! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/transition-spring/

    • Vaishali | 7th Mar 17

      Totally agree Chloe.
      I am madly in love with this skirt. I am soo waiting for the beach season to come.
      Glad you liked it.

  11. Aria Di Bari | 7th Mar 17

    This skirt is so lovely, I love how you styled it!


    • Vaishali | 7th Mar 17

      Aww. Glad you loved it Aria.

  12. Annessa | 9th Mar 17

    This look is so cute! I’m loving your skirt!


    • Vaishali | 9th Mar 17

      Thanks Annessa. This skirt is so comfortable and there are other colors available in this skirt too. But I Loved Teal Blue.

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