Quit or Break!

Hey girls

This is not a fashion post or style game revealing post. This is about why am not blogging anymore. Last I logged into my account and shared with you was more than a month ago. Just before my Vegas trip. Ahh! happy times. Am I Quitting or Taking a break. Answer is NONE.

Time has been rough on me. Vegas was fun but soon after coming back I had major food poisoning or that’s what I thought of it. My first two days after the trip were majorly spent in puking, stomach ache, not eating and lying on bed. It was time to realise this was bigger than some stupid food poisoning. As soon as I got my tests done, it was found to be Appendix. Nothing scary. I was happy it was found and got ready for the surgery. Just to let you gals know, my First surgery in life. Oh yeah, scared yet excited. Haha! I was home soon and slowly recovering. If I remember correctly, I did not eat for 8 freaking days and survived on pain killers. But within few weeks my pain was back and this time it was worse. With some more tests, got to know there is infection in my tummy cz of last surgery. Immediately I was admitted ¬†(Again). Been a month or lil bit more, but now I am home. Meds are on which I totally hate but I am feeling better. During all this time ‘A’ took care of me. He was all the time making sure I am comfortable. Remember I was moving to new Home in November. ‘A’ made sure that is done on time without my contribution in packing. He is awesome. Not to miss some real great Friends like Family who also helped in Moving, Packing and making sure we eating both times.

I can not thank enough everyone who helped me in my recovery. Blessings and Love does work.

I will be here on and off as house settling gets priority. But I will be sharing some great content on Fall Feature and Beauty Issues.

Till Then,

Stay Tuned and Stay Vivaciousūüíč


  1. Nistha Saraf | 8th Nov 17

    Glad you fine now and have such great friends like fam girl.
    Love nistha

  2. Lostjournal | 8th Nov 17

    So happy to have you back here! Love your spirit and determination!

  3. Glory of the Snow | 9th Nov 17

    glad you are getting better, hope you will fully recover very soon and be back blogging! all the best, take it easy and look after yourself! xoxo


  4. Keri Elaine | 12th Nov 17

    I actually got food poising for the first time this past thursday. I can not imagine how bad the pain of your appendix bursting could be! I am so glad you are okay now and have A to take care of you.

    Keri Elaine

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