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Hello Love,

I am Vaishali, chirpy mind behind Vivacious Wish. Kick starting my 2017 with you all to share little bit of myself and my ideas of day to day styling and fun things. Doing same for a while on Instagram and have enjoyed it to core.

Professionally I am Java Girl. Yes that is what I call girls in Info Tech field. Its fun to be part of workplace where one learn new things daily and contribute same. Confession : Most I love about Java Girls is the life they live. A life in between Fashion & Technology.

I got married to this sweet charming boy, Ajeet. Most calm boy you will ever meet who can deal with my stupid tantrums. Apart from being my sweetheart, he is a Network Engineer. Our Big Fat Indian wedding took place in India following all traditions.

I love to travel a lot. Always counting on my vacations and planning to explore new places. Beach vacations any day for me. Not a good swimmer (Truth : I cant swim) but you can not stop me from holding those waves in my arms. One of my favorite holidays was at Paradise Island, Maldives.

I am living to do it all in one life. At least that is what my Wish is. I have done many adventurous activities and my to do list is building up on daily basis.

Missing one very important part of my life here. I am crazy about Dancing. My Hobby, My First Love, My Strength, My Confidence, My Workout, everything. If not a Java Girl, I am pretty much sure I would have been a Dancer. I have taken classes for classical form of dance too.. It is a form of stress buster for me.

Well that is quite a bit on me.I will update more soon.

Till then,

Love n Luck


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